Principles and uses of brass rivets


I believe everyone is no stranger to this brass rivet. This product is widely used in our lives. In order to let everyone understand the principle and specific use of this product in more depth. Next I will give you a detailed introduction.

  The use of brass rivets

  The application of brass rivets should be clear to everyone. This product is a small part used to connect and use articles. The volume of this product is really very small, but don't look at it small, it plays a very important role. When using this product for edge connection of riveted components, both sides of the product need to be squeezed and extruded, and the brass rivets will become thicker to form brass rivet caps, which will have a very good fixing effect. In addition, the fixed device will not easily loosen and fall off.

brass rivets

  The use of brass rivets

  The quality of brass rivets is the first consideration and most valued factor when buying by the public, but quality is not the only reference for customers to choose products. There are many factors such as price, production environment, processing technology, and use.

  Brass rivets are the most widely used rivets in recent years, because it is used in a wide range of applications. It can be used in the apparel industry, the footwear industry, the luggage industry, etc. The nails are made of hard wire, which can penetrate the steel plate within 0.5mm without pre-holes. Brass rivets cannot be bent and deformed. They are widely used in password boxes, travel suitcases and military luggage. Hollow nails are made of flexible wires. General requirements There are many types of cracks that cannot be cracked after riveting. Nowadays, the shafts on some toys have begun to be replaced with semi-hollow nails or mother-and-daughter nails on a large scale, which can greatly reduce production costs. Core-pulling and core-struck brass rivets are mostly used for the riveting of thinner soft materials. Generally, the requirements are not strict, and the materials used for manufacturing are usually produced with better plasticity.

  The above is an introduction to the use principle and purpose of brass rivets. I hope everyone will understand the use principles and uses of brass rivets and help you.

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