Special Low Lead Brass Acessories

  • Special Brass Acessories

    Special Brass Acessories

    Our early business was to produce customized products for internationally renowned brands and accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the production of brass accessories for bag and belt.

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  • Spring Money Clip

    Spring Money Clip

    We develop some Spring Money clip, with all parts contain the Clip, round bar and the pin are all in solid Brass, except the spring and small stainless steel ball inside. We can make the long bar in different color from the clip part, and also the whole Spring Money clip in the same finish, both versions are very popular in American market.

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  • Stainless Steel Money Clip

    Stainless Steel Money Clip

    Considering that the function must be normal, and the physical properties of the brass are soft, the Money Clip is easily deformed after being opened, which causes the problem that the banknote cannot be clamped, so the most suitable for the manufacture of the money clip is stainless steel.

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  • Brass Key Chain

    Brass Key Chain

    Brass key chain is combined a key ring and a short chain, the function is to hang all kind of keys, the chain is a assist part, the chain is short but useful, when we hanged many keys on the brass key chain, it can help to bear the heavy. The key with chain is match beautiful, when we look at it on one bag, we must be attracted in the key chain, the key chain is so generous and generous to put in the bag and show the bag more amazing and wonderful. If you want to add more parts, that is ok, some customer likes to add extra a small dog clip.

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  • Shaped Key Ring

    Shaped Key Ring

    We update a series of shaped key ring to our catalogue. Besides several sizes of regular round key ring, we also found some shaped key ring in Square shape, Peach shape, Pentagram shape, Mickey shape and so on.
    General we have to spent hundreds of dollar mold cost and also ask tens of thousands of mini order quantity for these customize Key Rings, also take long production time for molding.

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  • Solid Brass Bracelet

    Solid Brass Bracelet

    Solid brass bracelet is made by low lead brass, this brass is 65% cooper plus less zinc. It is mixed material. But the quality is very well, the weight is heavy and the color is more clearly. Solid brass bracelet is shape of “gold bracelet”, it is a decoration, not same as the shiny jewelry, but it showed another style, we designed some knocking patterns on the surface, to return the solid brass bracelet in ancient ways. One side is round top and another side is sharp bottom, the main body is polytope.

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Cheng Hoon Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in stainless steel spring money clip, brass key chain, bracelet accessories wholesale, low price, high quality, many models, contact us if necessary.

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