Cheng Hoon Hardware Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Cheng Hoon Hardware Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-funded enterprise, it was established in 2001 in Zhongshan Torch Development Zone, Guangdong Province, China, near Zhongshan Port, we are a professional manufacturer of solid brass buckles and accessories, with the production of high-quality solid brass products, it is well-known in the hardware industry in the Pearl River Delta region of China.

  • Principles and uses of brass rivets

    I believe everyone is no stranger to this brass rivet. This product is widely used in our lives. In order to let everyone understand the principle and specific use of this product in more depth. Next I will give you a detailed introduction.

  • What to do if the snap button is loose

    Snaps button are hardware often used in clothing. After the snap is used for a long time, it will loosen, so what should I do? Below I will share with you the solution to the loose snap button.