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  • Brass Split Key Ring

    Brass Split Key Ring

    This kind of brass split key ring is very common but use in a wide range, the resilience of split place is very strong and hard to loose. The measurement can be adjusted what is based on your design. Also can be made in different colors. Natural brass is the original color what likes the same as the solid brass. Brass original color is the closest to the low lead brass. It is the basic color. The more you are use, the more beautiful it is, brass original color is a dyed finish, then after tumbling and lacquering. the color is very steady and not easy to oxidize.

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  • Brass Zipper Pull Tab

    Brass Zipper Pull Tab

    The Solid brass Zipper Pull Tab can be used in a lot of scenes, this hardware is a very small object, but we can still make him very delicate, the Brass Zipper Pull Tab paired with your handbag, case or clothing, you can show the uniqueness of the overall products.

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    Brass Swivel Ring

    Brass Swivel Ring

    The Solid Brass Swivel Ring is useful with handbag, it is very simple structure, we can make the product according to your design or measurement, that's no problem to process.

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  • Brass Chain Strap

    Brass Chain Strap

    Brass chain strap is a single chain, the link is big and the length is short. The link is twisted with a big hole, the weight is a little heavy. the strength of the chain is stronger than the others. Brass chain strap can be used in bag as a decoration. The color is the natural brass and original. It is a little classical and elegant when you look at the brass chain strap. Just like a dancer stands in peaceful, though the brass chain strap is not shiny, it is noble, finally, the size and shape can be custom-made.

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  • Brass Chain Dog Clip

    Brass Chain Dog Clip

    Brass chain dog clip is a beautiful design, brass dog clip with chain is a combined hardware, it includes a dog clip and a long chain. the long chain have many clinks, the chain link is twisted. Brass chain dog clip is assembled with a small dog clip and a small chain. While the chain that we can make oval chain, snake chain, plane chain...the length of chain also can be longer or shorter. Although the dog clip is simple but it can match the other style, we can send more choices for choosing.

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  • Brass Metal Handle

    Brass Metal Handle

    Brass Metal Handle is our relatively new product type, so there are fewer types, the current brass handles are mainly used in women's handbags.
    consider to the overall weight issue of Brass Metal Handle, so the structure is formed by hollow brass tubes,
    it is important to note that please provide your requirements for the pull force before placing the order, we have our own pull test machine which can provide the tensile force value that the brass handle can withstand before the bulk are produced.
    We can make different colors according to your needs, please rest assured to purchase.

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  • Brass Fish U Hook Loop Key Ring

    Brass Fish U Hook Loop Key Ring

    The Brass Fish U Hook Loop Key Ring is made up of solid brass fishhook attached one piece split ring by the hole at the end of the hook.
    We can also attach key ring to the jump ring of brass Fish U Hook Loop.
    Other will use screw shackle loop to replace the jump ring, then assemble with key ring, will be a good idea too.

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  • Solid Brass Eyelet

    Solid Brass Eyelet

    Brass Eyelet can be divided into stamping and lathe methods.
    The stamped eyelet is light in weight and is generally suitable for use on clothes, shoes, handbags, etc., and has a wide range of applications, the regular size MOQ is 1000 sets, and the customized size MOQ is 20,000 sets.

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  • Brass Studs

    Brass Studs

    Brass snap fastener are widely used in all kinds of clothing, handbags and leather goods, shoes and caps, some packing as well.

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