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  • 2512-2019

    What to do if the snap button is loose

    Snaps button are hardware often used in clothing. After the snap is used for a long time, it will loosen, so what should I do? Below I will share with you the solution to the loose snap button.

  • 3011-2019

    Handling method of snap buttons and hooks

    Snap is a type of button that is a combination of parts and snap buttons. It is combined by S-type springs and is widely used in clothing and bag industries. Here's how to deal with snap buttons.

  • 2211-2019

    Brass rivet surface treatment and extraction method

    Brass rivets are usually surface treated when manufactured, which extends the life of brass rivets. Let me talk about the surface treatment method and extraction method of brass rivets. I hope to help everyone.

  • 1511-2019

    Introduction to the technology and use of the key chain

    The key chain is very common in our daily life. It is exquisite and compact, with various shapes. It can match your own key with your favorite key chain, which not only reflects your personality and taste, but also brings more to our daily life. Pleasant mood. Let's take a brief look at the process and use of the key chain.

  • 1411-2019

    Brass rivet connection principle and use

    Brass rivets are available in both hollow and solid, and are basically used for the joining of parts or plates. So what is the brass rivet connection principle? What areas can brass rivets be used in? Let's take a look at it together.

  • 0411-2019

    Key chain type and selection skills

    We all know the Key chain, also known as the Key chain, key ring, key chain, key hang, etc. The material for making the Key chain is generally metal, leather, plastic, wood, and the like. Today, let's take a look at the Key chain classification and selection techniques.

  • 0111-2019

    Brass belt buckle production process and maintenance method

    What is the process of making brass belt buckles? How to maintain the brass belt buckle? The following small series will explain the production process and maintenance methods of the brass belt buckle for everyone, I hope to help everyone.

  • 3110-2019

    Introduction to the concept and use of snap buttons

    snap buttons are often seen and used in our daily lives. There are many types and expressions of snap buttons, and different places have different names. Today, Xiaobian introduces you to the concept and use of snap buttons, and hopes to help everyone.

  • 2810-2019

    What are the key chain types

    Generally speaking, we classify gifts, in promotional gifts, we are used to refer to the key chain as a large category, but you do not know, in fact, the key chain can also be a lot of types, I will follow The material of the key chain is used to briefly introduce their classification.

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